Our health & medical writer Dr Wendy van Zuijlen has a PhD in Immunology from the University of Queensland.

For the last 11 years, she has researched and written about health. As a result, she has the know-how to translate even your most complex health or medical project into clear content.

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Some recent examples of her health and medical writing:

Consumer health publications

  • Wendy van Zuijlen. (2017) Explainer: what's cytomegalovirus and why do pregnant women need to know about it. The Conversation.
  • Wendy van Zuijlen. (2016) What to do if you're anxious about giving birth. Health feature in Essential Baby.
  • Wendy van Zuijlen. (2016) The virus most expecting mums haven't' heard of, but need to know about. Health feature in Essential Baby.

Publications for health professionals

  • William D Rawlinson, Suresh B Boppana, Karen B Fowler, David W Kimberlin, Tiziana Lazzarotto, Sophie Alain, Kate Daly, Sara Doutré, Laura Gibson, Michelle L Giles, Janelle Greenlee, Stuart T Hamilton, Gail J Harrison, Lisa Hui, Cheryl A Jones, Pamela Palasanthiran, Mark R Schleiss, Antonia W Shand, Wendy J van Zuylen. (2017) Congenital cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy and the neonate: consensus recommendations for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Jun;17 (6):e177-e188.
  • Rawlinson WD, Hamilton S, van Zuylen WJ. (2016) Update on treatment of cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy and of the newborn with congenital cytomegalovirus. Current Opinion Infectious Diseases. Sep 7.
  • van Zuylen WJ, Hamilton ST, Naing Z, Hall B, Shand A, Rawlinson W. (2014) Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Prevention. Obstetric medicine, vol. 7, no.4, pp. 140-146.

Literature reviews

  • Wendy J van Zuylen, William D Rawlinson, Caroline E Ford. (2016) The Wnt pathway: a key network in cell signalling dysregulated by viruses. Reviews in Medical Virology. 2016 Jun 8.
  • van Zuylen WJ (2015) Clinical and epidemiological features of congenital cytomegalovirus infection globally. Microbiology Australia, November edition.
  • Hamilton ST, van Zuylen W, Shand A, Naing Z, Hall B, Craig ME, Rawlinson W. (2014) Prevention of Congenital Cytomegalovirus by Maternal and Neonatal Treatments: A systematic review. Reviews in Medical Virology, vol. 24, no. 6, pp. 420-4.
  • Wendy van Zuijlen (2013) Cytomegalovirus and ageing of the immune system: a controversial cause of ageing. Microbiology Australia, Sept 34 (3): 157-159

Selected Research Articles

  • van Zuylen WJ, Ford CE, Wong DY, Rawlinson WD. (2015) Human Cytomegalovirus Modulates Expression of non-canonical Wnt receptor ROR2 to Alter Trophoblast Migration. Journal of Virology, Nov 11; 90 (2): 1108.
  • Doyon P*, van Zuylen WJ*, Servant MJ. (2013) The role of IkB Kinase-beta in the Growth-Promoting Effects of Angiotensin II In Vitro and In Vivo. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, Dec; 33 (12): 2850-7. (*co first authors)
  • van Zuylen WJ*, Doyon P*, Clément JF*, Khan KA, D'Ambrosio LM, Dô F, St-Amant-Verret M, Wissanji T, Emery G, Gingras AC, Meloche S, Servant MJ. (2012) Proteomic profiling of the TRAF3 interactome network reveals a new role for the ER-to-Golgi transport compartments in innate immunity. PLoS Pathog, 8 (7): e1002747. (*co first authors) - ‘Faculty of 1000 recommended
  • van Zuylen WJ, Garceau V, Idris A, Schroder K, Irvine KM, Lattin JE, Ovchinnikov DA, Perkins AC, Cook AD, Hamilton JA, Hertzog PJ, Stacey KJ, Kellie S, Hume DA, Sweet MJ. (2011) Macrophage activation and differentiation signals regulate schlafen-4 gene expression: evidence for Schlafen-4 as a modulator of myelopoiesis. PLoS One, vol. 6, no. 1.
  • Ovchinnikov DA*, van Zuylen WJ*, Debats CE, Alexander KA, Kellie S, Hume DA. (2008) Expression of Gal4-dependant transgenes in cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system labelled with cyan fluorescent protein using Csf1r-Gal4V16/UAS-ECFP double-transgenic mice. J. Leukocyte Biol, Feb; 83 (2): 430-3.  (*co first authors)


  • D.Phil. (Immunology). 2005 - 2009. University of Queensland, Australia.
  • B.Sc. of Applied Science. 1999 - 2003. Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.


  • 'Drug Development Essentials: Regulatory Documents for Developing Clinical Studies and Reporting Clinical Data' workshop. 2017. American Medical Writers Association.
  • Copyright Overview workshop. 2017. Australian Copyright Council.
  • Medicines Australia Code of Conduct - Code 101 workshop. 2016. Medicines Australia.
  • 'Survival Pack for Freelance Editors' - Professional Development Program workshop. 2016. Australasian Medical Writers Association.
  • Copywriting Essentials Course. 2016. Australian Writers' Centre.
  • Media training for radio and TV interviews workshop. 2015. University of New South Wales.
  • Introduction to Consumer Health Writing course. 2015. Health Writer Hub.
  • Magazine and Newspaper Writing course. 2015. Australian Writers' Centre.
  • 'Stop writing like a Scientist' Professional Development Program workshop. 2015. Australasian Medical Writers Association.
  • 'How using evidence can open a new world of stories' Professional Development Program workshop. 2015. Australasian Medical Writers Association.
  • Cert IV TAE40110, Training and Assessment.


  • Committee member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association.
  • Member of the American Medical Writers Association.
  • Member of the NSW Writers' Centre.

Wendy van Zuijlen

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